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Pull on the naughty boots!

Is your imagination triggered and would you like a couple of Wonderboots too? That is possible! I make boots for ladies and gentlemen. I'm curious about your wishes and I would like to hear from you!

It is possible to take a pair of boots from the site, as starting point. But of course I like to design some new wonderboots, made entirely to your tast. 

My method is as follows: in a first encounter, I try to get a clear picture of your wishes. I also measure the size of your feet and legs. Then I make a series of designs on paper. Once you've picked a favorite design, I make a sampleboot and we meet again, so I can see if I have the correct measurements. Once we agree on the design, the choice of the leather and the lastmodel, I start with making the boots. At our next meeting, the new wonderboots ready to be attracted!

If we are not able to meet, because the Netherlands is too far away, it is still possible to make a few wonderboots for you. I will give an accurate instruction, so you can measuring your own feet and legs.