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in the spotlights:


During a stay in Italy I saw a bush full of passion flowers. Every day opened up green buds and unfurled a perfect flower. The colors sparkled in the sun. I looked at it and suddenly there was that picture. I went for passion-boots! I saw them all for me. Lascivious objects with fanciful shapes. Pure and white outside, a wild color brilliance from within. Organic objects. With the ability to wear them, not intended to walk on.

Translating the image in my head, to this touchable object, was like a ride in a rollercoaster. A slow start, then faster and faster and also spinning a few times. Get out was not an option. Endure to the finish. Shapes, colors, technical practicability, details. Hammering, cutting, sanding, gluing, stitching. And finally they were there! My newest boots. The Passion Flower.